I’m New

We look forward to meeting you on your first visit. Directions to the church are listed on the directions page. There are no rigid requirements for attire—the leaders dress conservatively, but you’ll see people dressed in all styles from jeans to business suits. Our church worships musically with a contemporary and traditional repertoire of hymns and songs.

Where To Go, What To Do

Once you’ve parked and walk in, you’ll notice the “Welcome Center” on the left side of the lobby and the “En-Gedi Café” (En-Gedi is a reference to a place of oasis in Israel) across from it on the right side of the lobby. Feel free to introduce yourself at the Welcome Center where you will receive a visitor packet and free gift. If you have any younger children, the Welcome Center is also your first step in arranging for them to attend any of our children’s services or nursery. Be sure to stop at the café for complimentary snacks as well as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Ushers stand at the doorway to the auditorium to hand out the programs for that morning’s worship service and also to help you find a seat if necessary. You are welcome to sit anywhere.

The order of worship is simple and often consists of the following things:

  • Welcoming remarks and announcements
  • Contemporary & traditional congregational singing
  • Prayer and Scripture reading
  • An expositional message from the Bible (“sermon”)
  • An offering collection to support the work of the church

You won’t have to stand up and be introduced or come forward for any reason and you don’t have to put anything in the collection plate just for visiting.

Fellowship Cards

Please let us know you visited by filling out a “Fellowship Card” which can be found in the pockets on the backs of the seats in the worship center. Drop your completed card in the offering plate when it comes by. Better yet, introduce yourself to some people around you or speak to one of the pastors, elders, or deacons before you leave. We would love to get to know you!

Becoming a Member

If after your visit with us you feel compelled to join our congregation in regular fellowship, it would be a tremendous blessing to welcome you into our church family. All you need to do is request information about how to become a member of our church, and we’ll get you started on the process of joining.

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