Nursery Ministry

We recognize that parents coming to church desire a safe place for the youngest members of their family. We provide nursery services for infants and toddlers through age 2. Our nursery is fully staffed to provide the care that your child needs while you enjoy church services.

We also have space available to accommodate nursing moms.

A parent can also choose to remain in the nursery with his or her child. Parents and nursery workers are able to hear the Pastor’s message in the nursery via the church’s audio system.


Your child’s safety is important to us. Infants and toddlers utilizing the nursery are signed in by a nursery ministry staff member and will only be released to a family member with a receipt that matches each child’s unique identification number. The infants and toddlers get a name tag to wear on their back so they are easily identified by staff. We also record any special medical information or allergies on the child’s name tag to ensure that any staff member working with the child is fully aware of any special needs that your child may have so we can safely and effectively minister to your child. We also put an identification tag on your child’s belongs such as a diaper bag so all items are returned to you when you pick up your little one. Also, in an effort to protect your child, all of our nursery ministry workers undergo an application and interview process as well as background screening conducted by the Children’s Ministry Coordinator.

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