From the Elders’ Desk: Biblical Doctrine

Monthly Reading Recommendation
March 2017

Biblical Doctrine: A Systematic Summary of Biblical Truth
John MacArthur
Richard L. Mayhue

From Our Elders:
There are few resources more important to the Christian home than a systematic theology. These works collect the breadth of Scripture’s teaching on every major doctrine in the Bible. Of course, they are of great assistance to scholars, students, and families alike in the study of various subjects. In fact, in my own library, I have eleven systematic theologies from a variety of authors and perspectives. Each is helpful in its own way, and I keep them at arm’s length. However, finding a systematic theology that is comprehensive, understandable, and thoroughly biblical is no easy task. In fact, of my own systematic theologies, only my newest addition, Biblical Doctrine, meets all of the above criteria, and so it is with great excitement that we can recommend it to you! It is so thoroughly biblical we could easily adopt it as our own church doctrinal statement!

Biblical Theology is the only systematic theology I know of that is in complete harmony, line by line, with what we teach at High Point Baptist Church every Sunday. It is the capstone of Dr. John MacArthur’s ministry and comes with the depth that can only be the result of a lifetime of study. In fact, the preface of this work quotes Eugene Merrill, who said the production of a systematic theology is “an old man’s game. By this I mean it presupposes so many other disciplines and so much accumulation of knowledge that few scholars are prepared to undertake the task unless they have invested long, hard years in preparation of its accomplishment.”

We hope that you take advantage of this very important resource, and for a limited time, we can offer you this volume at a $17.00 discount from its normal retail price of $60.00.

Matt Tarr

This title is now available at the church Welcome Center
Reimbursement Request: $43.00

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