From the Elders’ Desk: A Peculiar Glory

Monthly Reading Recommendation
January 2017

A Peculiar Glory
by John Piper

From Our Elders:
At the end of each year, every pastor-theologian enthusiastically produces a list of his top ten books he just read over the last twelve months on any forum he can find. The intention is that those who follow his ministry would make them priority reads in the months to come. In 2016, one book has found its way into virtually every single list. The only reason it might not make it to the top ten is if the guy was simply reading the wrong books!

As soon as this new book hit the press, it immediately grabbed the headlines in every Christian platform—and rightfully so. This book wasn’t just among the best books of 2016, or even the best book of 2016. It’s among the best books of the century. It’s unique from any other book John Piper has ever written, and indeed, according to one reputable pastor, perhaps the best book “ever written on the nature of the Bible.” I would concur with that sentiment.

As I read A Peculiar Glory, I found myself turning the pages increasingly convinced that this book was important. I read it much more slowly than I normally do, thinking through the implications of each thought. In this work, Piper systematically shows why the 66 books of the Bible can be nothing other than the authoritative Word of God. Only it can be truth; the nature of man and the system of the world demand it. The critical question he answers, “Does it express the heart and mind of a divine person, or is it merely a record of human religious experience?” demonstrates the impossibility of anything other than God’s Authorship. He successfully shows the self-authenticating nature of truth.

Fellow brother or sister, let me implore you! Do not convince yourself you do not need to read it. Make it your priority. The work is intellectual but understandable, and you will find yourself rejoicing in the glory of God revealed through His revelation.

Matt Tarr

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