From the Elders’ Desk: Safe in the Arms of God

Monthly Reading Recommendation
May 2016

Safe in the Arms of God
by John MacArthur

From Our Elders:
We have all experienced the pain and sorrow at the loss of an infant or young child, whether he or she was our own child, or the child of a loved one. We grieve, and rightly so. But there is also tremendous comfort that we can offer to the parents. Sadly though, many of us are incompetent to give such comfort – the comfort found in the Word of God that provides an absolute assurance in the eternal security of that baby. At best, we think the Bible seems to allude that babies go to heaven, but it is far from certain. So, when the occasion arises where someone we know is grieving the loss of their child, we abstain from giving them encouragement, lest we give them a false hope. After all, how can we say, “Your baby is in heaven,” if we don’t know that this is true? The number of parents that deal with the loss of a young child should motivate us to know exactly what God’s Word teaches regarding where babies go when they die. We must be able to provide confident biblical counsel. Safe in the Arms of God helps establish that confidence based not on theory or emotionally driven arguments, but rather in true Scriptural principles.

In this book, MacArthur’s pastoral heart is manifest as he recounts real-life stories that are undoubtedly parallel to the stories of many others. It is heart-breaking to hear the many callous, unloving remarks made by uncaring individuals grieving parents. In this work, MacArthur, once and for all points out the errors in such off-hand remarks, while providing great encouraging to any who have lost a child.

We would have so much to offer grieving parents if we only knew where to turn in the Word of God. Knowing all the pain and suffering in this world, it is certainly comforting to know that the child will never experience it (115-116), and it is relieving to know that a parent’s child is in heaven with a glorified body (120). Why wouldn’t we want to be prepared to offer that kind of comfort? I’d recommend you take a couple of these; keep them in your home ready to give to the right family at the right moment, should they have to endure this kind of suffering. I have seen this book mend broken hearts even after decades of long-lasting grief.

Matt Tarr

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