From the Elders’ Desk: Humility: The Forgotten Virtue

Monthly Reading Recommendation
February 2016

Humility: The Forgotten Virtue
by Wayne Mack

From Our Elders:
Pride: the most horrible enemy of God. It is a direct assault on His throne and the mother of all evil. It is a terrifyingly wicked thing that God hates with all His Personhood and curses with His mouth. It should be taken seriously. It destroys the soul and kills the church. When then do we consider pride as though it was something passé? It has become something we nearly ignore, though it shouldn’t be that way. We are constantly reminded as believers to humble ourselves, but genuine humility is rare and pride can be veiled as a false humility. So how do we identify it and put it to death? How do we confront it in the lives of others when we also battle pride? Ignoring it is not the answer, and neither is treating it lightly. In Humility: A Forgotten Virtue, Wayne Mack offers a lot of help.

Mack opens his book by laying out a definition of humility and pride. After all, how can we begin to address pride and nurture humility if we don’t have a biblical understanding of what they are or how to identify them? He ends the chapter with very important questions that will help you with a self-evaluation (as he does all the chapters). Don’t skip them.

In chapters 2-5, Mack explains how genuine humility or pride is manifest. Surely pride is not something we want. After all, “Pride is the firstborn son of hell” (61), and Proverbs describes this kind of person as a leech, death, and fire (79). Very helpfully, this section provides many biblical examples of prideful and humble lives. You won’t be able to walk away from this section without being bruised. It is hard hitting.

Finally, in chapters 6-7, Mack shows how humility can be developed, and pride diminished. To do that, we have to understand the tools God uses to humble us and to show us our pride. Only then can we pursue living God-honoring lives. Don’t grow weary – this will be a life-long process!

WARNING: This book will sting. If it doesn’t, there is a real problem with your soul. There are many powerful, provocative, and compelling words worthy of your attention. Read the book slowly and prayerfully.

Matt Tarr

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