From the Elders’ Desk: Do More Better

Monthly Reading Recommendation
January 2016

Do More Better: A Practical Guide to Productivity
by Tim Challies

From Our Elders:
Tim Challies is one of those individuals about whom I’ve often asked, “How does he do it all!?” Not only has Challies been writing helpful Christian material every day on his blog, since 2002, he also daily posts links to the best deals from around the web on books from reliable Christian authors. Not only that, but he’s an avid reader (it’s nothing for him to read 4-5 books a week) and he regularly provides among the most helpful book reviews. If a book is trending, Challies has written about it. But that’s just for his blog. He also maintains, and is an editor and co-founder of Cruciform Press. He is a well-sought conference speaker, an elder at his church, a husband, and father. He balances all that – and well. Do More Better offers a window into how he gets it all done.

There have been many self-help and organizational books that have flooded the market, especially since the technological boom of the last decade providing us with many tools to help provide us with more information to work more effectively. Because more competes for our time today than ever, there has been wide demand for books on organization. However, virtually every book available is missing a crucial element: a theology of hard work. That is precisely what Challies develops in his book before getting to the practical organizational tips.

As Christians, we must understand why we need to be organized, efficient, and dependable. It is because God has created us to work for His glory. So, “you are responsible before God to excel in productivity” (19). And, in contrast to pop-psychology, “you are not the point of your life” (11). Start with that foundation, and you can properly assess how to prioritize all the things that need to get done, and how to do it. We live each day, and perform each task coram Deo (in the presence of God, 83). But living a chaotic life is not honoring to Him, and Challies provides a very simple way to put our lives in order, and not only that, but to keep it that way. The Lord has entrusted to us very limited time. Even more valuable than that is our energy. This book will help us use it wisely.

 – Matt Tarr

This title is now available at the church Welcome Center
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