From the Elder’s Desk: The Church of Rome at the Bar of History

Monthly Reading Recommendation
November 2015

The Church of Rome at the Bar of History
by William Webster

From Our Elders:
One has said that this book is “worth more than many other books on this subject.” Another said that this is “one of the best critiques of Catholicism.” We agree. Webster, now pastor, was once a committed Roman Catholic (RC) himself. As such, he writes from a unique perspective and you will find this work to be tremendously valuable and helpful. Webster will help you understand the development of the RC religion from an honest, accurate, and scholastic perspective, but it is also easy to read and understand.

As Webster presents his work, he does so from a helpful perspective as he demonstrates where the RCC is inconsistent with Scripture and their own tradition. This is necessary, since Rome believes that its tradition is infallible and necessary to interpret the Bible correctly. To disprove the infallible nature of their tradition, Webster only needs to demonstrate where their tradition has been inconsistent, and where the church fathers, whom the RCC have canonized, disagree with much of their dogma. Thus, he proves that the unanimous consent the RC tradition is nothing more than an illusion.

In his own words, “In this book we want to consider the whole issue of Scripture and tradition. We will review the claim of Scripture to be divinely inspired and the scriptural teaching about tradition. We will then examine some of the Roman Catholic Church’s distinctive and traditional doctrines, and in particular, the claim that these doctrines are based on a tradition which has been handed down from the apostles to the bishops in an unbroken succession to the present day, to see if this claim can be verified historically. The ultimate question to be addressed is this: Is Scripture the final authority in matters related to faith and practice or has God also inspired tradition, as the Roman Church claims, as the unwritten Word of God which is to carry an equal authority?”

We look forward to what you’ll learn from this book; it is one that you will refer to often. Keep it front and center in your library!

Matt Tarr

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