From the Elder’s Desk: Killing Sin Habits

Monthly Reading Recommendation
October 2015

Killing Sin Habits
by Stuart Scott

From Our Elders:
Finally! A book that outlines how to do what we want to do as believers. Very often, Christians can become overwhelmed and downcast, being grief-stricken by sinful habits that they just can’t seem to get rid of. They know that they’ve been given victory, so why do they just keep falling back into the same old sins? As Scott notes, it’s like clock-work. We feel the temptation; then progress to a struggle with our conscience. After that, we begin to rationalize why giving in is okay, followed the sin itself. We then feel a momentary pleasure, followed by guilt and shame. Then we ask, “How can I take this to God again and confess it?” So we delay confession until we cannot bear the broken fellowship any longer. And so, the temptation cycle ends for today, but it’s repeated all over again tomorrow, never realizing that we missed two critical steps to overcome our sin.

That vicious cycle is far more often the norm in many Christians than you might think. We just hide it well. But in reality, the cycle goes on from day to day, and as a result, we begin to feel utterly hopeless. Then we begin to question the real sufficiency of the Scriptures for all things pertaining to life. We begin to look for outside help. After all, “I’m so exhausted and tired of feeling the guilt and pain of defeat after defeat. I just want to move on.”

Well, Scott does much helpful and very practical work to help us “move on,” but in a biblical way. He outlines how we can truly have long-lasting victory over stubborn sin habits that many of us have wrestled with for years, whether they are outbursts of anger, lust, a loose tongue, etc. Some have even given up hope, but Scott shows us where to find hope, and how to apply it. Let me tell you, you need this book, and you need to read it carefully. You will be blessed by it, and you will be equipped to help other believers overcome their sin habits as well.

Matt Tarr

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