From the Elder’s Desk: Worship: The Ultimate Priority

Monthly Reading Recommendation
September 2015

Worship: The Ultimate Priority
by John MacArthur

From Our Elders:
Pastor John MacArthur is the author of nearly 400 published books and study guides. That’s more than eight books for every year of his ministry! Why is that significant (besides the obvious)? September’s book of the month, Worship: The Ultimate Priority has been in continuous print longer than any of his other published works. That communicates two things. First, the book is tremendously helpful and thorough. Second, the issues he addresses are still the same issues in the church today. Namely, people do not have a biblical understanding of what “worship” is.

Many have the false perception that “worship” is something done on Sunday. Others equivocate worship to music, or they identify a certain emotions with “worship.” For them, worship is something you “feel.” None of these are biblical perspectives of worship though, and unfortunately, many churches haven’t helped the matter. While they say their “worship services” are designed for God, in practice, their worship has little to do with what God wants. Their worship is what the culture wants, or even what we want. As MacArthur notes though, we must consider that just as God is displeased with the wrong object of worship (idolatry), He is equally displeased by worship in the wrong form. Both resulted in death in the OT (20-26).

As individual believers and as a church, we must be committed to a biblical understanding of worship, and reflect that biblical understanding in the way we conduct our lives, and the way we conduct our services. “Perhaps the greatest need in all Christendom is for a clear understanding of the biblical teaching about worship. When the church fails to worship properly, it fails in every other area. And the world is suffering because of its failure” (26). We need to understand that. We cannot have a biblically faithful ministry, nor can we honor Christ, if we do not have a biblical understanding of worship. Therefore, I cannot recommend this book to you strongly enough. If you want to know why as a church, we do what we do, and if you want to be able to defend why we do what we do, this is it in a nutshell!

Matt Tarr

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