From the Elder’s Desk: The Pursuit of God

Monthly Reading Recommendation
July 2015

The Pursuit of God
by A. W. Tozer

From Our Elders:
If I had to make one comment about A. W. Tozer as a writer, it would be that he chose his words most carefully. Like Scripture, Tozer used words that penetrate to the core of one’s being. He did not fill his books with unnecessary verbiage, or include theological and devotional fluff to give the impression of erudition. If one would endeavor to read his works, one must prepare oneself to linger long and thoughtfully over what he writes. Here is a supremely serious slave of the Lord Jesus Christ who truly knew Him, and who desired to lead his readers into a more intimate fellowship with the Savior. We should not call him a mystic because he spoke of the “Presence” of God; for many years he served as a faithful, loving pastor firmly grounded in the historic truths of Holy Scripture. Nor did he did go off on wild-eyed excursions into the ether where no one else could follow. On the contrary, we should consider him a holy man of God and a true worshiper, holding him in high esteem because he sought God with his whole heart—and found Him. Not only did he know much about God, but he also truly knew Him.

I can truthfully say that the two books by Tozer that I have read—The Knowledge of the Holy and The Pursuit of God—have had a profound influence upon my own spiritual life. Certain chapter titles in this latter book—“The Blessedness of Possessing Nothing,” “Removing the Veil,” “Apprehending God,” “The Gaze of the Soul,” and “Meekness and Rest”—hint at Tozer’s desire to help the believer who longs to experience a deeper walk with the Lord to examine his inner life honestly and seriously. It is difficult for me to choose which of the ten chapters has had the most lasting impact upon how I think about myself in my relationship with the Lord. Each one contains extended discussions about some aspect of the soul that I needed to submit to the Lordship of Christ. Over the course of my Christian life I have returned to this book many times, seeking inspiration, encouragement, and correction; upon each occasion I have found fresh wisdom from God that has enabled me to persevere. I believe any serious believer coming to this little classic with a searching heart will find the same strength from it as I have.

Greg Lynch

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