From the Elders’ Desk: A Little Book for New Theologians: Why and How to Study Theology

Monthly Reading Recommendation
April 2015

A Little Book for New Theologians: Why and How to Study Theology
by Kelly M. Kapic

From our Elders:
A Little Book for New Theologians, is (quite frankly) simply a must read. There simply aren’t many books available of this nature, and in my opinion, there are none that argue the author’s point with such biblical accuracy, yet with such brevity. Kapic wastes no words in this brief little book. It is persuasive, and well written. Yet, what is unfortunate is the book’s title. This book is not just for “new theologians!” Rather, it should be better understood as a primer on the effects of right theology on Christian living. The book has ten chapters, divided into two sections. Section one establishes the importance of studying theology. Section two describes the character produced by faithful theology.

It has been a great disservice to the church that many have come to believe that theology means little more than a cold, dead orthodoxy… something better left behind the closed doors of seminaries, far from where the average church member can participate. But by no means is this true! As Kapic points out, theology is the essence of Christian living, and it is by right theology that we worship faithfully. True worship is stimulated by a right knowledge of God. It involves both intellectual assent, but also a response to His Word of Truth in faith and love.

No theologian and no church member should separate life from theology. Our theology, and our application of that theology, will determine how we live our Christian lives. Never should we read God’s Word with complacency! Let it warm and enrich you! Overall, this is a great book for us to encourage you to read, since it establishes why it is so important that the church have a healthy and vibrant theology. Indeed! It is why we desire to establish a culture of reading in our church to develop that theology! We are confident that you will be blessed and encouraged by this book.

Matt Tarr

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