From the Elders’ Desk: Your Child’s Profession of Faith

Monthly Reading Recommendation
March 2015

Your Child’s Profession of Faith
by Dennis Gundersen

From our Elders:
Your Child’s Profession of Faith is a thought-provoking examination of the issue of childhood professions of faith. Many Christians do not think deeply enough about this subject; the just assume if a child “prays he prayer” that he or she is saved. According to Gundersen, such is not the case. Not only does he force his readers to face the honesty of spiritual depth (or lack thereof) of their children’s profession, but he also surfaces questions that challenge adults to examine whether they themselves are “in the faith”. The author exposes false notions about salvation as well as seeks to develop his readers’ understanding of the intricacies of the sensitive issues surrounding childhood professions.

Gundersen’s book seeks to help parents discern just how well their “kids” understand the cost of following Jesus. The author’s readable style enables him to confront parental concerns about the salvation of their children in a compassionate, though firm manner. Gundersen cuts through parental rationalizations, admonishing them not to be too quick in accepting their children’s profession a genuine while also encouraging their children. He exhorts parents to continue to lead their children toward obedience and to repent. The author also warns his readers to acknowledge that their children might be professing faith in Jesus merely to please them. Because of their immaturity, children very well may be deceiving themselves into thinking their profession is real when it might not be.

Gundersen urges caution when discerning the professions of children, diligence in presenting obedience to the law as a means of teaching children that the fall short of God’s standard of righteousness for salvation, and patience in determining when the time is right to allow children t become functioning members of a local church. The book’s sound, penetrating reasoning and its clear, down-to-earth language on this topic make it a worthy read.

Greg Lynch

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