Who Are We?

We are a Bible-believing and teaching church seeking to glorify God, to equip Christians to serve Him, and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Wyoming Valley area of Northeastern PA and around the world.

/rē vīdl īz/
Verb: to imbue (something) with new life and vitality.

Our church is an independent Baptist Church ministering to the Wyoming Valley and Back Mountain communities of NEPA. In 2012, the Lord used a series of difficult circumstances in our congregation that would ultimately lead us to draw closer to Him. After much time in prayer, in 2014, we then became a church revitalization effort through Grace Advance, the revitalization and church plant ministry of Dr. John MacArthur and The Master’s Seminary. It was at that time that our current Pastor-Teacher, Matt Tarr, was serving on staff in the counseling department at Grace Community Church when he heard of our situation. We believe it was a gracious work of the Lord to so quickly draw our hearts together, and by December of that same year, Pastor Matt and his family made the long trip from California to High Point. Though our congregation has been steadily growing numerically under Pastor Matt’s leadership since that time, it is most important that we have been growing in maturity, grace, and love. We contribute that to nothing less than the power of the Word of God as we gather each Sunday to hear His message preached. We rejoice in all the work God has done in us, and look forward with great anticipation what He will continue to do!

We are made up of people from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, life situations, and experiences; but we share a common desire to grow in our relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God has so graciously provided us with His Word, the Bible, to help us realize that desire. The Bible teaches us the truth about who God is, who we are, what our most desperate need is, and the One (Jesus) who has lovingly met that need for us. We desire it to be our guide and standard as individuals and as a church.

You can learn more about us by visiting the following pages:

  • Statement of Faith – In general, it can be said that we are a conservative, evangelical Christian church, but this page provides details about what we teach as a church. 
  • Philosophy of Ministry – This page explains how we apply our beliefs in the setting of the local church. It is guided by our desire to be a church that has a high view of God and His Word, an appropriate view of mankind and our relationship with God, and a biblically-accurate view of the church.
  • Baptist Distinctives – This page addresses what it means to be a “Baptist” church.
  • On Baptism – This page provides insight into the history and practice of Baptism within the church, and how it relates to our Christian faith.

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